About Us

Global Pioneer in Chromium Technology

Savroc has developed trivalent hard chrome called TripleHard® that  exceeds technical performance of standard hard chrome in terms of corrosion and wear resistance. In order to make it happen the TripleHard® chemical additive is needed. This means that besides being tough, TripleHard® coatings are also safe for people and the environment.

The patent pending TripleHard® technology is industrially proven and works already in many applications like hydraulic cylinders, engine and brake parts, piston rings and rods, shotgun barrels, mortar tubes, ball valves just to name a few.

Savroc is based in Kuopio, Finland and operates worldwide.


Osmo Jahkola, CEO
Osmo has an extensive career in international industrial management. Prior to Savroc, he has held various top management positions within paper, car and engineering works industries, for example Business Director in Premium Board Finland Oy, the CEO of Jomet Oy, CMO of Ecocat International Oyj and several key positions in Stora Enso in different countries. Osmo has a M.Sc. in Industrial Management.

Juha Miettinen, CTO
Juha masters in R&D and coating technology. He has previously worked as R&D Project Manager for Savonia University of Applied Sciences and as Design Engineer for Sav Ltd and Junttan Ltd. Juha has a M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Material Sciences, Mems and Nanotechnology.

Jussi Räisä, Technology Manager
Jussi is a skilled coating expert with several years of experience in the field of coatings and R&D. Before Savroc he has worked as Project Engineer for Savonia University of Applied Sciences. He has also gained industrial experience by working for Sweco industry Ltd, Fortum Power and Heat Ltd, and Kemira GrowHow Ltd. Jussi has a degree of B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering.



Timo Vartiainen, Chairman
Chairman of the Board of Flowrox Ltd
Former CEO of Larox Plc, extensive board work experience in various technology startups

Anssi Lehikoinen, Member
CEO of Rocsole Ltd
Founder and former CEO of Numcore Ltd, broad experience in technology startups and sales, PhD in physics

Jukka Laakkonen, Member
CEO of Hydroline Ltd
Extensive board work experience in various technology startups

Mikko Paakkanen, Member
Lawyer at Finnvera
Broad experience in startups and venture financing