Savroc and Hydroline launch a hydraulic cylinder coated with TripleHard

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Hydroline Ltd and Savroc have announced market launch of a hydraulic cylinder, whose piston rod has been plated with Savroc’s high-performance, trivalent TripleHard chrome coating.

“This new piston rod coating is a revolutionary innovation, which gives Hydroline a significant competitive advantage in the international market. Measured by all technical parameters, TripleHard coating is a significant improvement, and a more environmentally safe solution, compared to current hexavalent chrome coatings. For example, in coating hardness and corrosion resistance, we can achieve over three times better performance,” says Hydroline’s Vice President of Design and R&D Manu Leinonen.

Read more from the press release published today, 1st of April 2014.

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