Occupational and Environmental Safety

Alternative to toxic hexavalent chromium

Existing trivalent chromium coatings have been unable to meet the performance needs of many industrial coating applications demanding hardness, high wear and corrosion resistance or superior friction properties.

These challenges can be overcome by using hexavalent chromium coatings, which however contain substances harmful to the people working in the coating process and the environment.

Due to occupational health risks caused by hexavalent chroumium technology, ECHA (European Chemicals Agengy) has recommended actions to heavily restrict the usage of hexavalent chromium by September 2017.

Safety and performance combined

Savroc's TripleHard coatings use trivalent chrome based chemicals, which are significantly safer for people and the environment than the hexavalent chrome based chemicals. Due to innovative TripleHard plating method, Savroc's coatings are still able to reach up to three times higher mechnical performance compared to the existing chrome coating solutions.


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Chromium (VI) Authorization:

  • On December 21, 2011 ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) recommended chromium trioxide (hexavalent chromium) for entry into Annex XIV REACH
  • This means that each application of a substance using hexavalent chromium would require its own authorization
  • After the so called sunset date a use of a substance for a non-authorized application is restricted
  • The currently expected sunset date for hexavalent chromium is September 2017