TripleHard Performance

TripleHard coating method has significantly improved performance features when compared to traditional chromium coating methods. In addition to being safer for the workers and the environment, it is tough, wear and corrosion resistant and low friction.

Proven Performance Features and Cost-Efficiency

We co-operate with wellknown research labs to constantly test TripleHard technology, to ensure the best possible performance features. Below is a compilation of our test results.

Savroc TripleHard has been proven to have superior performance features and is also cost-efficient through

  • reduced electricity consumpion
  • improved coating efficiency
  • thinner coating
  • elimination of costly postgrinding
  • REACH compliant technology


The superior hardness of TripleHard Chromium significantly improves the wear and scratch resistance of components. Because of the innovative multilayer structure, the coating has a better surface pressure resistance. Below are the hardness test results comparing the performance of TripleHard coating and Hard Chromium coating.

TripleHard vs. HCr - Hardness test

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion resistance is important for components that are operated in harsh environments. The test results of the TripleHard Chromium show significant differences to hard chromium coatings.

TripleHard vs. HCr - Acid Dipping Test

Wear Resistance and Low Friction

When components are faces with constant movement and harsh conditions, wear resistance and low friction are key. This expands the lifetime of the components and increases efficiency.

TripleHard vs. HCr - Sliding wear and friction test

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Application Examples:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Valves
  • Shock absorbers
  • Engine parts
  • Pumps
  • Tools
  • Wear parts

TripleHard Video