TripleHard chromium can be used to replace traditional hexavalent chromium in many applications. Because of its superior properties, a thinner layer might also be enough to provide similar properties and protection for the base material. In some cases, TripleHard can also be a replacement for thermal spray coatings or another special coatings, which are usually more expensive and require heavier machining afterwards. TripleHard process can be tailored to suit customer needs in terms of layer thickness from a few micrometers to several hundred microns. The heat treatment for TripleHard can be designed so that base material hardening can be executed simultaneously saving time and money. For end users this means longer life of the equipment and lower costs for the plating companies.

Ideal for high-performance applications

Because of the excellent wear, corrosion and acid resistance, TripleHard is at its best at difficult and demanding environments such as mines, process industry and heavy equipment. All of this means longer lifetime of parts and lower maintenance requirements.

TripleHard is already used in many high-performance applications, such as:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Valves
  • Shock absorbers
  • Engine parts
  • Tools
  • Wear parts
  • Gun barrels
  • Pipes; inner and outer surfaces


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