Extend the Machinery Maintenance Cycle and Reduce Component Costs with TripleHard® Coating

Metal components, such as linkage pins, have a major role in maintenance cycle of heavy machinery. The more durable the linkage pin is, the less often the machinery has to be put on hold for maintenance.  The durability of a linkage pin is often defined based on the durability of its coating.

To keep the machinery in the field as long as possible, we have developed the world’s most durable coating for wear components called TripleHard®. It is chromium based, but compared to traditional hard chrome, has better performance and it does not contain toxic chromic acid.


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70 % better hardness and 50 % better wear resistance compared to hard chrome

Why TripleHard


TripleHard® is up to 70 % harder than hard chrome. It has low friction and it resists wear, corrosion and acids better than traditional hard chrome coatings.


TripleHard® plating method is simple to take into use - it fits the current chromium plating infrastructure. Also, with TripleHard®'s superior properties, a thinner coating layer is typically needed to achieve the benefits.


TripleHard® does not contain toxic chromic acid harmful to the environment and people working in the plating process. It contains REACH compliant chemicals only.

Coating for the Toughest Demands

Linkage pins are a vital part of heavy machinery components, such as excavator shovels. The machinery is used in a variety of conditions, including harsh temperatures and existence of ground particles causing wear to the moving steel parts.

This is why, it is especially vital to ensure the maximum durability of the coating protecting the steel. TripleHard® coating is developed to withstand the hardest conditions.


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TripleHard® vs. Hexavalent Chrome

TripleHard® Chrome

Hexavalent Chrome (Cr6)


1700 Hv

1000 Hv

Taber Wear Index


1,5 – 2,0

REACH compliant chemicals




TripleHard® Technology

The performance of TripleHard® coating is based on an innovative and patented chromium plating method combining TripleHard® additive with heat treatment. The plating method fits the current plating company’s infrastructure and is therefore easy to take into use. Refitting a current plating line to suit TripleHard® technology is easy and we will guide you through the process.

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