TripleHard chrome coating performance has been proven by successful application of the coating in industrial plating processes. This advantaged plating technology is already in  industrial use and will replace toxic hexavalent chromium in various applications.

TripleHard benefits

  • High hardness
  • Low friction
  • Tough and strong
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good resistance against acids

TripleHard does not contain toxic chromic acids harmful to the environment and people working in the plating process. It contains REACH compliant chemicals only and is therefore not only tough, but also a safe alternative for hexavalent chrome.

Other major benefits of TripleHard compared to traditional hexavalent chromium process:

  • Only REACH approved chemicals
  • No chromic acid and its dangerous fumes
  • No lead anodes
  • Cheaper waste water management
  • Cheaper air ventilation systems required – No need for exhaust air purification as in hexavalent process
  • More power efficient
  • TripleHard process has better coverage and dissemination abilities
  • Existing plating infrastructure can be exploited

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