The usage of hexavalent chromium has been license-based after the year 2017 and next couple of years it will be totally banned because hexavalent chrome plating process contains toxic chromic acids harmful to the environment and people working in the process. Now industrial chrome plating companies and end users are searching alternatives to hexavalent-based hard chrome. Savroc Ltd has invented solution for this need. TripleHard® Chrome is environmentally safe solution to hexavalent chrome coating. New technology enables safe environment wherever the business and production itself is located. All industries among chrome or other technologies are responsible to keep their whole production line from beginning to final product safe for both people and environment. The answer is not to transfer manufacturing abroad after less strict health regulations. Therefore, Savroc has developed new hard chrome technology called TripleHard. Savroc delivers plating systems worldwide.

  • TripleHard® – New Generation of Hard Chrome
  • Savroc Ltd enables cost-efficient and safer way to manufacture chromium plating.
  • Trivalent based chrome process meets health and environmental regulations

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