Start plating with new generation hard chrome

There are three TripleHard chrome coating options developed to serve a variety of industrial applications needs. All of the three coatings have the best hardness and wear resistance performance in the chrome coating market. TripleHard Chrome + Nickel Strike and TripleHard + Electroless Nickel are developed to meet more specific applications needs.


Start Plating with TripleHard Chrome Coating

You have two options to get started with the new generation TripleHard chrome.

1. TripleHard Pilot Plating Line

TripleHard plating process is easy to take into use and it is similar to a conventional plating line process. TripleHard performance is a result of combining TripleHard additive and heat treatment. Heat treatment can be handled by an oven or induction scanning.

2. Plating Line Update with TripleHard Bath

TripleHard can be integrated into an existing chrome plating line by replacing the hexavalent chrome bath with TripleHard chrome bath. Heat treatment phase can be handled by adding a separate oven into the plating line or by performing base material induction scanning after the plating.

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