Savroc’s TripleHard® process has been in continuous use already for more than three years at Tecnocrom Industrial AS’s plant situated close to Barcelona in Spain. Tecnocrom has plated with TripleHard® various types of applications from shafts to mortar tubes. The process has been stable without any problems in the bath adjustments.

Usually new plating processes work well in the lab, but not necessary in industrial scale operations. In industrial operations, there is a need to plate a large number of products and increase production efficiency in conditions that are not as stable as in the lab.

“As there have not been any problems identified with the TripleHard® plating process in industrial scale operations, we can state that TripleHard® coating is now industrially proven to be an alternative to hexavalent chrome”, says Savroc’s CEO Osmo Jahkola.

Tecnocrom has already plated a large amount of products with TripleHard® plating process with good results. As it takes time to ramp up a new process, Tecnocrom is still plating with hexavalent chromium in parallel to TripleHard®. However, they are gradually decreasing the use of hex-chrome while increasing the use of TripleHard®.

“When replacing hexavalent chrome to other techniques the commonly asked question is how much lower performance and higher costs this alternative coating has. Based on many years of tests and numerous of test results we can say that TripleHard is a better, cheaper and safer coating for many applications”, says Savroc’s Technology Manager Jussi Räisä.

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Osmo Jahkola | CEO | +358 45 123 6643 | osmo.jahkola[at]

Savroc TripleHard® chromium coating is a cost-efficient alternative to commonly used, but carcinogenic hexavalent chromium coating whose use will be subject to authorization by European Chemical Agency in the near future. TripleHard® coating is industrially proven to meet the requirements of demanding industrial applications and is based on non-toxic trivalent chromium that is safe for the environment and people involved in the plating process.

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