NEWS 2024

Savroc and Caterpillar collaborate on coating technology

Savroc and Caterpillar, the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, are collaborating on the use of TripleHard chromium coating technology, a trivalent hard-chromium coating with a sustainable application process pioneered by Savroc intended to work in a wide range of applications.

empty dumper truck driver in a stone quarry.


TripleHard® in an unique new generation chrome plating technology that works in very wide range of applications. It is an environmentally friendly and occupationally safe solution. The trivalent based chrome process is 100% chromic and boric acid free and meets health and environmental regulations.

TripleHard® chrome coating performance has been proven by successful applications in industrial plating processes. According to various customers’ tests, it is the best ever tested hard chrome coating technology. This advantaged plating technology is already in industrial use and is not only a replacement for toxic hexavalent chromium, but also for significantly more expensive plating technologies like thermal spraying and physical vapor deposition.


Superior Corrosion





Financial Benefits

Less maintenance breaks - higher production output

Excellent corrosion resistance - cheaper base material

Less exhaust air - cheaper ventilation system

Thinner coating – less material – less grinding

Less waste - less disposal fees

Lower friction - less compressed air - less CO2 emissions

REACH complaint - no authorization fees