The performance of TripleHard chrome is based on an innovative and patented plating method combining TripleHard additive with heat treatment. The plating method fits the current plating company’s infrastructure and is therefore easy to take into use. Refitting your current plating line to suit TripleHard technology is easy and we will guide you through the process.

TripleHard is based on trivalent chromium. Unlike traditional hard chrome, TripleHard does not contain toxic chrome acids harmful to the environment and people working  in the plating process. Compared to Hexavalent Chrome TripleHard gives 50% better wear resistance and 70% better hardness.

TripleHard vs. Hexavalent Chrome

TripleHard Chrome

Hexavalent Chrome (Cr6)


1700 Hv

1000 Hv

Taber Wear Index


1,5 – 2,0

REACH compliant chemicals




Phenomenal discovery

It was discovered that coating became harder when certain ingredients were dissolved to the bath comparing with chromic acid. After testing the right mixing ratio of substances were found and patented. This invention is a great leap to the better technology.

Uncoated item is immersed to the electrolyte chrome bath that includes Savroc´s additive. After the bath the item is heated in 700 degrees when the coating gets significantly tougher. As a last step the item is polished.

Choose the Optimal TripleHard Chrome Coating

There are three TripleHard chrome coating options developed to serve a variety of industrial applications needs:

Thickness of TripleHard layer is 5-100 µm and this single chrome layer is suitable for majority of applications and it is easy to integrate into an existing chrome plating line. Ideal for corrosion environments TripleHard Chrome is with nickel strike layer (< 3 µm). Electroless nickel base layer (> 1 µm) with TripleHard Chrome coating is for aggressively corrosive environments.


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