Partnership with Hydroline

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Hydroline Ltd has been using TripleHard in piston rods since 2014. Now these TripleHard coated rods have been working in real operating conditions and compared to Cr6 TripleHard coating works better in their high-demanding applications.

Savings for business and environment

TripleHard provides significant savings for Hydroline and their customers as well as their end users. For example the stainless steel base material can be replaced with significantly lower cost material and still the durability of the application is clearly better. According to many field tests TripleHard is the best performing chrome coating.

Hydroline gives special attention in environmental considerations in their manufacturing processes. According to Hydroline, they are engaged in environmentally-friendly operations, maintaining the existing level of occupational health and safety and complying with all applicable laws, decrees and regulations. TripleHard meets these values and enables Hydroline and it´s customers safe and efficient workplace.

Hydroline is ready to bring TripleHard into use in all applications as soon as the coating is available to the extent they need.

Hydraulic cylinders worldwide

Hydroline Ltd designs and manufactures durable, heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders with 50 years of experience. They provide comprehensive solutions for both manufacturers and machine operators worldwide.

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