TripleHard Productization

Testing Phase Package


  • Customer spesifies and provides Savroc with base material or Savroc plates samples by using its own base material steel e.g. CK45
  • Cr plating of 10-40µm
  • Sample size D10-40 mm, L 300 mm
  • Customer to test e.g:
  • Hardness
  • Corrosion
  • Cross section
Price 980€/ TripleHard product (Basic, Wear or Corrosion)
Whole package price includes all three products at 2500€

Field Test Package 2

  • Includes trial plating of linkage pins and piston rods
  • 3 samples
  • Rod size D 10-80 mm, L max 800 mm
  • Price for up to size  D40: 490 €/ pc
  • Price for up to size D80: 1540 €/pc
  • Additional samples 150€/ pc
  • Option to purchase a hydraulic cylinder from Savroc’s subcontractor Hydroline.

Prototype price idea: 1000-5000€.