Savroc and Boeing partner to advance sustainability in aerospace manufacturing through TripleHard chromium coating technology

 Savroc and Boeing partner to advance sustainability in aerospace manufacturing through TripleHard chromium coating technology  Purchase Contract agreement fosters a new era of sustainable manufacturing through use of non-toxic protective coating for aerospace parts.  Partnership highlights industrial capabilities that deliver enduring economic benefits in Finland  Helsinki, Finland, December 2, 2021 – Savroc Ltd and Boeing […]

TripleHard mining

Comprasionwith Cr6 and TripleHard Cr6: Base material AISI 329 and 20MnV6 TripleHard20MnV6 normal steel Very demandingenvironment in Australianmining Salt and hightemperature 20MnV6 + Cr6 After 2 months 20MnV6 base material Easy to see a lot of rust Need to change the cylinder AISI329 + Cr6 mining After 4 months AISIbase material Easy to see rust […]

Partnership with Hydroline

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturer Hydroline Ltd has been using TripleHard in piston rods since 2014. Now these TripleHard coated rods have been working in real operating conditions and compared to Cr6 TripleHard coating works better in their high-demanding applications. Savings for business and environment TripleHard provides significant savings for Hydroline and their customers as well as […]

AFT Aikawa Fiber Technologies finds TripleHard® better than HCr6 in a demanding application

n a co-operation project between AFT Aikawa Fiber Technologies and Savroc Ltd the aim was to test the suitability of trivalent hard chromium TripleHard® in a demanding application of brushing machine shafts in a machining device. During operation, plenty of water cutting abrasive is mixed into the closed water circulation. This abrasive cannot be totally removed with filtering. In addition, a […]

Article about replacing hexavalent chromium with TripleHard in IST-magazine, issue 4/2019

High-Performance Replacement for Hard Chrome An innovative coating process based on trivalent chrome represents an environmentally friendly alternative to hard chrome plating. The resulting chrome coating is particularly resistant to abrasion and corrosion. It is only a question of time before the use of conventional hard chrome is banned in Europe. The change is being […]